About Me

Hi, My name is Gabriel Malachi Ajose. I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer; Welcome to My Website. In this section, you will find out about me, my philosophy and my passion. Above all, I love photography! I love capturing weddings, meeting couples, meeting people, learning about their story and exploring their culture. I love shooting portrait sessions and lifestyle shoots.

I love, love. I love the way that love unfolds, the process of getting to know someone and falling in love with him or her. I love hearing about how a couple fell in love. I love seeing how each couple demonstrate their love towards one other. Love has the ability to transcend beyond cultural, geographical and language barriers. We all relate to love and a wedding is an awesome platform for love to be exhibited.

I consider it an honour to be entrusted with the responsibility of documenting a couple’s love story. Whether it’s during the bridal preparation, capturing the bride crying with overwhelming joy. Or, in the ceremony, exchanging vows and sharing a first kiss. Or, during the reception, the newly weds making their big entrance and the oh-so romantic first dance. Being trusted to document these precious moments, though my perspective is an absolute privilege.

My goal is to create images that are breathtaking, classed as art and most importantly that allow clients and loved ones to relive the day and feel like they were back in the moment; this is my passion as a wedding photographer.

Malachi Ajose.

About Me

Hi, My name is Gabriel Malachi Ajose. I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer. I am married to the most beautiful woman, in the world and father to two, wonderful children.

The Philosophy

Documenting a wedding is an experience that is truly phenomenal, emotional, breathtaking, spontaneous and absolutely amazing. To be entrusted to capture all of those special moments, documenting your special day in a way that is both creative and distinctive. Honestly, this is something that I truly love doing.

I also shoot portraits and lifestyle.

Hi, I am Malachi Ajose and welcome to my website.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the imagery.