Claudia + Michael | My First Wedding

I will never forget the day that I was asked to shoot Claudia and Michael’s wedding day.

I had just finished spending the previous year as a second shooter for one of my good friends and fellow wedding photographer Vince Opoku. I was still finding my way as a wedding photographer and I had been asked to document my friends wedding day. I humbly agreed but on the inside I was full of nerves and fear.

I had known Claudia for several years and she’s always been a good friend to me and my family. I remember meeting Michael and my first impression was ‘He is just like Claudia’, they were so similar, their sense of humour, fun nature and genuine character. They made sense together, have you seen a couple and just smiled in agreement. It was the perfect wedding! Two best friends becoming one in commitment, vision and love.

This wedding was and still is one of the most talked about weddings that I have documented.

Enjoy the Images

Malachi Ajose.


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